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Mouse Receiver / LOCOSYS Technology Inc. established in 2005, came from a well-known research organization of information industry, a company that provide services the scope of which spans from both hardware and software in Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), Wireless Communication, Embedded System to Avionics, Automotive and Consumers electronics.

Promotion Product-RTK-1612

Promotion Product-RTK-1612

The RTK-1612 is a high-performance dual-band GNSS RTK module that designed for applications requiring centimeter level positioning accuracy.

Promotion Product-RTK-1010

Promotion Product-RTK-1010

The RTK-1010 is a high-performance dual-band GNSS RTK module that designed for applications requiring centimeter level positioning accuracy. It adopts 12 nm process and integrate efficient power management architecture to perform low power and high sensitivity. The module supports concurrent reception of GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, GALILEO, and QZSS to improve the availability and reliability of RTK solution even in the harsh environment.


Mouse Receiver - GPS & GNSS Positioning Module Manufacturer - LOCOSYS

Based in Taiwan, LOCOSYS Technology Inc., since 2006, is a Mouse Receiver | GPS & GNSS positioning module supplier. Main product, including GNSS positioning module, GNSS dead reckoning(DR) module, RTK and RTD high-precision module, Bluetooth 4.0 and BT 2.4G wireless module, MEMS module, traffic information RDS-TMC module, ARM system platform solutions and related APP test software.

Best partner of 'Automotive Dead Reckoning' in Global automotive industry, also a qualified supplier to tier 1 & tier 2 manufacture in automotive industry (design house, EMS, OEM, ODM). Strong R&D in software, hardware and system integration for hardware and software in global navigation satellite system (GNSS), wireless communication, embedded system to avionics, automotive and consumers electronics, LOCOSYS's products are delivered meeting international standards - IATF16949, REACH, PPAP, RoHS, CAMDS, ISO, AEC-Q100, SAE and so forth.

LOCOSYS has been offering our customers high-quality GPS & GNSS Positioning Modules since 2006, both with advanced technology and 11 years of experience, LOCOSYS ensures each customer's demands are met.

Mouse Receiver

Mouse Receiver
Mouse Receiver


LOCOSYS mouse are complete GPS receivers (also known as GPS mouse) based on the proven technology. it will acquire a lot of satellites at a time while providing fast Time-To-First-Fix, one-second navigation update and low power consumption.
LOCOSYS GPS/GNSS Mouse Receivers are the great solutions to many positioning and tracking application in industrial and commercial environment. It definitely perform the stable and high accuracy on customer's applications in IoT, IIOT, M2M and V2X as a complete solution being the part of the terminal device. In the meantime, LOCOSYS Team always provides the strong & prompt sales/technical support in order to meet every kind of your demand.
There are widely support in interface, connector and configurations while you choose LOCOSYS mouse receivers. Learn more about the detailed specifications from the following lineup and reach LOCOSYS sales rep. by filling the form at bottom easily.
Many Real application like Fleet management、Vehicle tracker、Driving、Timing、Drone、RTK.


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