Dead Reckoning (DR)

Promotion Product  -  U8-1612-2E

Promotion Product - U8-1612-2E

LOCOSYS U8-1612-2E GNSS module (With embedded Flash) can simultaneously acquire and track multiple satellite constellations that include GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU, QZSS, GALILEO and SBAS.

Promotion Product-1010 Series

Promotion Product-1010 Series

1010 Series module features high sensitivity, low power and ultra small form factor.


Dead Reckoning (DR)

Dead Reckoning Modules

Dead Reckoning (DR)
Dead Reckoning (DR)


LOCOSYS Dead Reckoning module is the perfect solution for automotive application.

Dead Reckoning Modules

Dead Reckoning Technology

Currently, vehicles are usually positioned using the Global Positioning System (GPS/GNSS)
However, in practical applications, GNSS satellite signals are not completely reliable under high buildings, overpasses, basement parking lots, tunnels, dense trees and other sheltered environment which can reduce the positioning accuracy. Therefore, if you want to improve the accuracy of navigation, Dead Reckoning navigation becomes necessary.

Dead Reckoning Combining with GNSS

The perfect combination of Dead Reckoning and GNSS is a perfect match for automotive navigation. Combining with GNSS signal, gyro steering information and CAN-Bus speed / pulse estimation, seamless real-time accurate positioning is achieved.   

Furthermore, the application of Dead Reckoning technology by LOCOSYS is good news to the car owners. Because even in the process of driving when GNSS signal is lost, they can accurately navigate and locate.

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Dead Reckoning for Underground tunnels  Dead Reckoning for Under the viaduct Dead Reckoning for High Buildings Dead Reckoning for Underground Garage

One of Many Real Cases

ST's T-BOX solution is a vehicle terminal solution designed by STMicro's automotive electronics division in order to meet the national requirement for new energy vehicle control and to meet the GB32960 standard.
The demonstration and solution consists of the STC582Bx, a ST-class 40nm 32-bit PowerPC architecture microprocessor, which uses the LOCOSYS Technology ST-1612i-DBX & ST-1612i-DGX GNSS+Dead Reckoning navigation module (Inertial Module).
SPC582Bx has variants of interfaces such as: LINFlexD, MCAN / ISO CAN-FD, DSPI, I2C interface and developer-friendly and efficient development environment such as SPC5 Studio, USB JTAG debugger, SW components, Promotion & Evaluation Boards to improve speed & quality of customer development.

DR Road test

LOCOSYS Dead Reckoning Tracker

The place is the underground garage.

There has the seven level underground garage.

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