LOCOSYS is a GPS / GNSS products / modules professional manufacturers.


LOCOSYS is the worldwide leader in GPS/GNSS market by identifying customer's needs and provide suitable solutions to reach success. With superior but cost-effective satellite positioning solutions, LOCOSYS has effectively assisted multiple M2M projects including fleet management, asset tracking, UAV, timing, automotive, etc.

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  • HandHeld Device

    Through the LOCOSYS GPS / GNSS module, high sensitivity module can help you to get the accurate position, make your device more precise, save the power and optimize the dimension. Choose LOCOSYS and make your design easier now.

  • UAV

    With LOCOSYS UAV core module series products can help your design more easier, our product not only provide high accurate positioning and fast fixed time, but also conbine our unique technology by fusing the bulit-in sensors, offers all the data you need when flying your drones; the calibration will be simplified beyond your imagination.

  • Radiosonde

    Particular application like the weather balloon, as known as Radiosonde, LOCOSYS product can really meet your requirement, our unique firmware customization can help your multi-sensored device work fine over 50,000 meters high, the instant temperature changes will be no worry facing our qualified working temperature test.

  • Marine

    Through the LOCOSYS GPS / GNSS module can help your Marine more accurate.

  • M2M

    Machine-to-machine (M2M) A device or system that automates tasks directly through network communication without human intervention. Now more machine-to-machine communication has turned into a network system that will transfer data to personal applications.

  • Automotive

    With LOCOSYS Automotive level product, we can help you with any kind of automotive application, simply as below: 2-Din navigation system DVR for vehicle Radar detector Car box / M2M Speed gauge Detection of drowsiness & distraction.

  • Racing

    Electric car relies on a complex control model that regulates its four motors in such a way, that the vehicle can achieve maximum performance in terms of acceleration, handling and agility in every situation. To be able to do so, it requires precise knowledge of its velocity and slip angle. Information about both can be extracted from the LOCOSYS GPS Module / GNSS Module.

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