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LOCOSYS is the worldwide leader in GPS/GNSS market by identifying customer's needs and provide suitable solutions to reach success. With superior but cost-effective satellite positioning solutions, LOCOSYS has effectively assisted multiple M2M projects including fleet management, asset tracking, UAV, timing, automotive, etc.

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  • HandHeld Device

    Along with the development of the technology, handheld device, such as smart phone, watch, and even rugged computer keep with people every day, is not only for providing performance and information to solve the problem in work and daily life now; it becomes more like part of us, to make us know more about ourselves.To achieve that goal, we usually need to know our position at any time. Thus, high position accuracy becomes more and more important for handheld devices nowadays.With small-form-factor and ultra low-power consumption, LOCOSYS GNSS high precision smart antenna for handheld device can work more easily when designing the new products.

  • UAV (Drone)

    With LOCOSYS UAV core module series products can help the design more easier, LOCOSYS product not only provide high precision positioning accuracy and fast fixed time, but also combine our unique technology by fusing the built-in sensors, offers all the data you need when flying your drones via RTK solutions; LOCOSYS RTK and Sub-meter L1+L5 GNSS module can easily help customer build in either defense UAV or commercial UAV.

  • Radiosonde

    LOCOSYS GNSS module can meet the weather balloon requirement, our device can work fine up to 50,000 meters high, the instant temperature changes will be no worry facing our qualified working temperature test and provide the high accuracy position. Let the weather forecast results are more accurate.

  • Marine

    GNSS is a key solution of navigation and positioning marine applicationsBefore the invention of GNSS, when people wanted to travel through the ocean, it would need many devices to measure the current location, direction and so on. LOCOSYS GNSS module provides high precision position accuracy and navigation.Everyone can enjoy sailing as long as they have products which are made by LOCOSYS GNSS or sub-meter L1+L5 module.Sailing becomes more convenient and safe with GNSS technology.LOCOSYS GNSS mouse receiver with IPX7 waterproof can provide the high precision position accuracy, heading and timing performance when sailing in the ocean.

  • M2M

    Imagine a future that many kinds of things can be done by the interaction between machine and machine, without any interruption by humans. In order to ensure machine can work stably, it will need high precision position accuracy and timing to make the rule for machines.LOCOSYS RTK receiver module ,L1 +L5 sub-meter GNSS receiver and Timing module can help people create Internet of things and do fleet management, ensuring every machine is under control at any time, and creating geo-fencing to prevent any potential danger.

  • Fleet Management

    The Benefits for using GPS built-in products in Fleet Management is to identify which vehicle is the most closet one to a pick-up location, or to get the real-time location data of any lost or stolen vehicles displayed via GPS products, and so on. With the request of different level of positioning accuracy, different LOCOSYS products can be chosen: RTK products for 1 cm, L1 + L5 Sub-Meter products for 1 meter, or regular GNSS products for general positioning.Besides Positioning Accuracy, LOCOSYS GPS products with Dead Reckoning technology (i.e. Automotive Dead Reckoning or Untethered Dead Reckoning) is also a good choice for Fleet Management, especially when these assigned vehicles are planned to drive inside some tunnels, under the viaduct, or even some harsh environments in transit.

  • Racing

    Advances in global navigation satellite system (GNSS) technology have resulted in smaller and more accurate GNSS receivers, which have become increasingly suitable for calculating instantaneous performance parameters during sports competitions, for example by providing the difference in time between athletes at any location along a course.LOCOSYS GNSS module and mouse receiver for racing tracker can provide the high accuracy position performance. Through those information let the athletes be better.

  • Agriculture

    Precision Agriculture (or Site-specific Farming) is planned for the rising of the productivity. It saves the time and the cost of maintenance from traditional farming. GPS technology plays an especially crucial role in making this happen. GPS-based applications in precision farming are being used for farm planning, field mapping, soil sampling, tractor guidance, crop scouting, variable rate applications, and yield mapping, and so on. Therefore, RTK products are highly recommended for these Precision Farming businesses.

  • Smart Cities Infrastructure

    Technology has always come from human nature. Through the IoT development, people chase the better life. The smart city ideal, make people live in the better place.When it comes to smart city services and urban planning, the role of geospatial or geo-location technologies is quite significant. Every smart city solution is inherently based on geo-location data; Traffic and transport management, optimizing energy use, city marketing, real estate development, crime-prevention, and event-management are areas where the application of geospatial and geo-location technologies has the most positive impact.LOCOSYS Sub-meter L1+L5 GNSS module and RTK solution can provide high precision positioning accuracy, heading and even timing performance to meet every smart city solution.

  • Timing Application

    Besides tracking and navigation, GNSS signals are widely used for Precision Timing and Time Synchronization functions across networks because precise time is quite crucial to lots of applications. The reason is that each GPS satellite has multiple atomic clocks which can contribute precise time data to the GPS signals. LOCOSYS Timing Modules can be applied for so many applications, like 5G Femtocell, Microcell , Base station, High Speed Router, Network Switch, Traffic Control System, Energy Control System, Data Network Center, Video Surveillance System, Smart Grid System, Industrial Computer, IoT (Internet of Things), and so on.

  • Public Transportation

    Public transportation is a very important infrastructure. In order to reduce car usage and encourage the use of public transportation. It can reduce air pollution and let people be more eco-friendly. With all these advantage, LOCOSYS provides latest L1+L5 Sub-meter GNSS products, not only get position accuracy but also provide better performance. LOCOSYS GNSS vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions are tailored to the needs of the public transportation industry, providing a high level of monitoring capabilities with up-to-the-minute location information frequencies.

  • Industry Energy

    LOCOSYS applies the core technology of the communication network to energy regulation and power grid transformation. With the new energy economy trend of innovation and smart communication to industry, LOCOSYS solutions design the smart energy solution that both meets the wireless communication needs and makes the energy supply smart, secure, sustainable and reliable.

  • Automotive Maker Original Equipment Market

    LOCOSYS Sub-meter L1+L5 GNSS module, RTK solution and Dead reckoning module can provide high precision positioning accuracy, heading and even DR performance.LOCOSYS products have the small dimension and easy to us to have the cost reduction of design layout. And also has the high position accuracy, precision heading and low power consumption, make sure when customer experiences to high performance and don’t worry about the consumption.LOCOSYS production follows the IATF16949 and has ISO 9001 certification which means LOCOSYS is a qualified supplier to tier 1 & tier 2 manufactures in automotive industry.

  • Aftermarket

    Automotive applications require full traceability of data, allowing you to seamlessly solve issues by tracking vehicles in real-time, LOCOSYS GNSS IoT module can provide you excellent navigation performance. LOCOSYS is the leading global manufacturer of GNSS modules to the automotive industry, providing durable, compliant and reliable hardware to enable the next generation of smart vehicles. LOCOSYS announced a new series of L1+L5 GNSS products in July 2020, and our dead reckoning module with E-call function also very popular. Contact us for more E-CALL information.

  • Healthcare

    It is always in urgency when saving lives, every minute, even every second could decide whether it can be saved of not. Thus, everything must be very efficient when talks about life.By providing high precision position accuracy, LOCOSYS Sub-meter module & mouse receiver can help health care providers find the most efficient way to send the patients to the medical institution in the shortest time. It also helps them grasp the time to prepare healing the patients.

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