22.05 India Show

大辰科技有限公司成立于2005年,我们提供全球导航卫星系统(GNSS),无线通信,嵌入式系统,航空电子,汽车和消 费电子等硬体和软体的服务范围。

22.05 India Show

2022/05/06 LOCOSYS

LOCOSYS showcase L1+L5 GNSS and RTK products in Connected Vehicle 2022 Physical Conference & Exhibition from 4TH ~6th , May.

Taiwan LOCOSYS, as a global leading satellite positioning module designer and manufacturer, has been launched the smallest RTK module (RTK-1010) and aroused global customers' strong attention since 2021 March. Besides, we launched L1+L5 GNSS+ Navic (IRNSS) module in 2020 which helped a lot of current GPS user to get better performance already. Not to mention, our latest RTK+DR+IMU products.


Connected Vehicle 2022 (physical event) which is scheduled on 4 - 5 -6 MAY at Radisson Blu, Bengaluru.

 It will cover themes like CASE, Road Safety, Connected Mobility, Vehicle Autonomy, Driver Behavior, Advanced Driver Assistance System, Emerging Technologies, Internet of Things, Cyber-security, Automotive telematics, Infrastructure, Digital Cockpit, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain and many more.


In 2022, we are continuously devoting ourselves to develop and expand RTK-related applications, especially target in V2X Market. For offering customers multiple solutions promptly, including high cost-effective RTK modules: RTK-1612-DR, and RTK-1722-DR .


LOCOSYS Technology has been deeply involved for decades in the Global market. LOCOSYS has IATF 16949 : 2016 / ISO 9001 : 2015 quality management system qualifications and complete production line equipment to provide Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) wireless communications, RTK high-precision solutions , Embedded base station systems. We have more than 20 agents around the world providing the localization service. We can quickly provide complete product introduction and localization services.



大辰科技股份有限公司(Locosys Technology Inc.)成立于2005年,总部位于台湾新北市,是全球领先GNSS(全球导航卫星系统)模组和解决方案供应商,数十年来长期深耕全球定位市场。为全球各家知名晶片厂商α级合格模组研发设计实验室,销售供应GNSS模组、RTK高精度定位/定向解决方案、IMU惯性导航系统以及4G/5G CORS基地台系统。大辰科技于2017年成为台湾首家升格(International Automotive Task Force,简称IATF) IATF 16949 : 2016 / ISO 9001 : 2015 品质管理系统,拥有完整生产线设备,并在2017年荣获汽车工业「GNSS/IMU组合导航定位模组」最佳合作技术伙伴, 2020年荣获台湾「无人自驾RTK高精度定位导航」最佳合作技术伙伴。 Locosys的解决方案不仅在传统的智联网和高精度定位应用中表现出色,在AI和自动驾驶领域也取得了显著进展,推动无人驾驶汽车、智慧城市、无人机、巡检/测量/探勘等前沿应用领域发展。透过与AI技术的结合,Locosys正在为全球客户提供更聪明、更有效率的定位服务。更多关于Locosys的信息,请访问官方网站:www.locosystech.com