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ST low-end vehicle terminal solution | LOCOSYS Technology Inc. established in 2005, came from a well-known research organization of information industry, a company that provide services the scope of which spans from both hardware and software in Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), Wireless Communication, Embedded System to Avionics, Automotive and Consumers electronics.

19.01 Business

2019/01/03 LOCOSYS
ST low-end vehicle terminal solution
ST low-end vehicle terminal solution

2019 ST low-end vehicle terminal solution

ST's T-BOX solution is a vehicle terminal solution designed by STMicro's automotive electronics division in order to meet the national requirement for new energy vehicle control and to meet the GB32960 standard.
The demonstration and solution consists of the STC582Bx, a ST-class 40nm 32-bit PowerPC architecture microprocessor, which uses the LOCOSYS Technology ST-1612i-DBX & ST-1612i-DGX GNSS+Dead Reckoning navigation module (Inertial Module).
SPC582Bx has variants of interfaces such as: LINFlexD, MCAN / ISO CAN-FD, DSPI, I2C interface and developer-friendly and efficient development environment such as SPC5 Studio, USB JTAG debugger, SW components, Promotion & Evaluation Boards to improve speed & quality of customer development.


Taiwan LOCOSYS Technology, global leading company of satellite positioning module, has been deeply involved in the global market for decades.

With IATF 16949:2016/ISO 9001:2015 automotive quality management system and complete production line equipment.

LOCOSYS keep providing α-level Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) wireless communication, RTK high-precision positioning/orientation solutions, inertial navigation Solutions, 4G/5G CORS base station system.

We have more than 20 agent bases in worldwide. They not only can provide completed product information quickly but also give localized support and services efficiently.


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