(2018.08.01) LOCOSYS Your Water Sports: Video Clip Competition

GW60_Facebook banner

(2018.08.01) LOCOSYS Your Water Sports: Video Clip Competition

2018/08/01 LOCOSYS
GW60_Facebook banner
GW60_Facebook banner

📣📣【Locosys Your Water Sports - Video Clip Competition】📣📣📣

🎞Event One🎞 https://goo.gl/dGhZyd
Wanna WIN FREE GW-60 watch?? 👀👀👀😍🤤
Let’s LOCOSYS your water sports! 🏄‍♂🏄‍♀🚣‍♂🚣‍♀⋯⋯
Just wear your GW-60 watch, start your windsurfing adventures, and film your energetic look and fearless process. 🎥📽
Then you will have the chance to win FREE LOCOSYS GW-60 watch!!

Come on Join! ~~🔜🔜🔜

<Stage 1> Video Clip Collection Period 🎬🎬
Time: 8/1-8/29, 2018 (GMT+8)
How to join: https://goo.gl/TCtxzB

<Stage 2> Voting Period with your “Like” 👍👍👍
Time: 9/1-9/13, 2018 (GMT+8)
Calculation Period: 9/1-9/13 4pm. (GMT+8)
Prize: FREE GW-60 X 3

🎞Event Two🎞
If you do not have GW-60, plz don’t worry. 😭😭
You still can have the chance to win “Free GPS Walker”.🤗😘
Just complete the below EASY steps, then you can have the chance to win valuable GPS Walker. 😍😍😍

Time: 8/1-8/29, 2018 (GMT+8)
How to join:
Step 1. Press “Like” here and “Share” the event “in Public”
Step 2. Enter “#windsurfing” before your share
Drawing way:🎰🎰
On 8/30, 5 (five) fans who follow the above two steps will be drawn out to win the prize directly.
Prizes: FREE GPS Walker X 5


GPS Walker: https://goo.gl/Au7v8L
Terms & Conditions apply: https://goo.gl/BL1zvp



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LOCOSYS has all kinds of products, including GPS/GNSS/RTK positioning and navigation related products, such as, GNSS positioning module, RTK precision board/CORS, GNSS positioning receiver, system integration solution, wearable solution, etc. We have profound industry experience, providing all kinds of services for IoT and V2V. For example, we have extensively dispersed fleet management, 4G/5G Femtocell, Tier 1 automotive industry, public transportation, energy control, monitoring security, industrial control, precision agriculture, unmanned driving and other fields. For more information, please visit LOCOSYS website and LinkedIn pages.


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