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LOCOSYS Technology Inc. established in 2005, came from a well-known research organization of information industry, a company that provide services the scope of which spans from both hardware and software in Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), Wireless Communication, Embedded System to Avionics, Automotive and Consumers electronics.

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  • GPS Handheld Data Logger GW-52
    GPS Handheld Data Logger GW-52

    GW-52 is a GPS instrument optimized to measure speed using GPS-Doppler. For 10 years, LOCOSYS GPS Units have been and continue to be the only GPS recommended by Speed Sailing Events Worldwide! This includes the GT11 and the GT31 models. However, these are no longer available. The GW52 GPS is the replacement for the GT11 and GT31. After extensive field testing with leading windsurfing organizations round the world, the GW52 is the finest and most precise handheld GPS available. The files from the GW52 will be accepted by leading GPS Speed Sailing Sites in USA, Europe, and Australia.

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