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Promotion Product-Vehicle Tracker

D-10 already integrated GNSS greatly simplifies product design, and provides quicker, more accurate and more dependable positioning. Beside multi-vehicle management, speed is a top concerns for employer of drivers.

Promotion Product-1010 Series

Promotion Product-1010 Series

1010 Series module features high sensitivity, low power and ultra small form factor.


Previous Generations Manufacturer - LOCOSYS

Located in Taiwan, LOCOSYS Technology Inc. is a high quality Previous Generations supplier since 2006. Particularly for electronics, navigation, avionics, communications and GNSS related applications.

ISO/TS 16949 certified, strategic alliance conducted, STMicroelectronics, BEIDOU, CSR (SiRF) and HED 8020 GNSS solutions launched, LOCOSYS's products are made with high precision.

Along with GPS and GNSS modules ( (ROM & Flash base) ), chipsets, timing modules, combo modules, GPS & GNSS smart antennas, PCIe cards, mouse & USB drongle receivers are available as well.

LOCOSYS has been offering customers high performance modules, antennas and receivers. Both with advanced technology and 11 years of experience, LOCOSYS makes sure each customer's demands are met.

Previous Generations

There below a list of products from LOCOSYS previous generations. To find product for future applications, please go to the other product page.

  • TMC: TMC1009 / TMC2001
  • GT-31 | BGT-31 | GW-31 | GW-52 | GPS Walker
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  • GW-31 GPS Watch - An affordable GPS watch to discover more for outdoor activities.
    GW-31 GPS Watch

    An affordable GPS watch to discover more for outdoor activities: hiking, backpacking, camping, finding starting point. Automatic GPS time synchronization and everyday wear make your life more fun!

  • GPS Walker - GPS Walker
    GPS Walker
    GPS Walker

    GPS Walker is a super-sized memory GPS data logger with geo-tagging function for outdoor activities. MP3/FM player is an extra free feature. Large capacity of flash-memory logs continuous 2 million waypoints. The more attractive function is the point to point navigation. You could mark and go or track back for any interesting spots. Without mentioning that easy-to-use design makes this product more excellent. The GPS Walker, GPS data logger with MP3/FM player, will be a best choice absolutely.

  • Genie GT-31 / BGT-31 - The GT-31 is a wonderfully compact, business card sized navigator, carefully designed to embody ergonomic principles.
    Genie GT-31 / BGT-31

    The GT-31 is a wonderfully compact, business card sized navigator, carefully designed to embody ergonomic principles. It will comfortably fit in the palm of your hand, mount on the handlebar of bike or motorcycle, and can even be worn on your arm. The stylish unit can stand on your desk as a funky gadget, or, more usefully, can be placed on the dashboard in your car. The GT-31 can run for up to 46 hours in power saving mode, backlight off with the built-in lithium ion polymer rechargeable battery. It can be recharged while connected to car cigarette lighter, mains power outlet, or your PC/Notebook. When traveling where no car or mains power is available, you may purchase an AA battery adapter, or a rechargeable power bank (Solar charger) to extend the usage. A state-of-the-art Thumb Stick (TS) allows for simple, one-handed operation. This rugged navigator is waterproof to IPX7 standards or, immersible in the water for 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter, and, it floats! GT-31 is not only developed to handle outdoor activities, but also to handle various professional uses, such as speed, hazard area, zone alerts, altitude or other alerts defined by the user. To store trip data for longer journeys, there is a SD/MMC slot for extra data storage capacity. And, it can be used as a Real-Time GPS Receiver by connecting to your PC/Notebook.

  • GW-52 GPS Handheld Data Logger - GW-52 is a GPS instrument optimized to measure speed using GPS-Doppler.
    GW-52 GPS Handheld Data Logger

    GW-52 is a GPS instrument optimized to measure speed using GPS-Doppler.For 10 years, LOCOSYS GPS Units have been and continue to be the only GPS recommended by Speed Sailing Events Worldwide! This includes the GT11 and the GT31 models. However, these are no longer available.The GW52 GPS is the replacement for the GT11 and GT31. After extensive field testing with leading windsurfing organizations round the world, the GW52 is the finest and most precise handheld GPS available.The files from the GW52 will be accepted by leading GPS Speed Sailing Sites in USA, Europe, and Australia.

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