GNSS Mouse Receiver

Promotion Product-ST-1612r-DGX

Promotion Product-ST-1612r-DGX

LOCOSYS ST-1612r-DGx dead reckoning (DR) modules are the perfect solution for automotive application. They not only support GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO and QZSS, but also have inertial sensors (3-axis accelerometers and 3-axis gyros) to provide dead reckoning.

Promotion Product-RTK-4671-MH

Promotion Product-RTK-4671-MH

The dual-frequency RTK-4671-MH receiver is a compact, cost-effective and high-precision GNSS RTK board designed for applications requiring centimeter level positioning accuracy.


GNSS Mouse Receiver - GPS & GNSS Positioning Module Manufacturer - LOCOSYS

Based in Taiwan, LOCOSYS Technology Inc., since 2006, is a GNSS Mouse Receiver | GPS & GNSS positioning module supplier. Main product, including GNSS positioning module, GNSS dead reckoning(DR) module, RTK and RTD high-precision module, Bluetooth 4.0 and BT 2.4G wireless module, MEMS module, traffic information RDS-TMC module, ARM system platform solutions and related APP test software.

Best partner of 'Automotive Dead Reckoning' in Global automotive industry, also a qualified supplier to tier 1 & tier 2 manufacture in automotive industry (design house, EMS, OEM, ODM). Strong R&D in software, hardware and system integration for hardware and software in global navigation satellite system (GNSS), wireless communication, embedded system to avionics, automotive and consumers electronics, LOCOSYS's products are delivered meeting international standards - IATF16949, REACH, PPAP, RoHS, CAMDS, ISO, AEC-Q100, SAE and so forth.

LOCOSYS has been offering our customers high-quality GPS & GNSS Positioning Modules since 2006, both with advanced technology and 11 years of experience, LOCOSYS ensures each customer's demands are met.

GNSS Mouse Receiver


LS2303x-UDG Ultra-High Performance  GNSS Mouse Receiver / Untethered Dead Reckoning
LS2303x-UDG Ultra-High Performance GNSS Mouse Receiver / Untethered Dead Reckoning

LS2303x-UDG series products are complete GNSS receivers based on the proven technology. The series products are embedded with LOCOSYS MC-1612-DG module, 3D accelerometer and 3D gyroscope, as well as dead reckoning software. They can provide dead reckoning navigation without any odometer connection. The extended Kalman filter algorithm combines GNSS and MEMS sensor data with a weighting function that relies on GNSS signal quality. In poor signal reception and
multipath environments, position errors are reduced by dead reckoning. The series products can simultaneously acquire and track multiple satellite constellations that include GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, QZSS and SBAS. Besides, they feature high sensitivity, low power, and provide user the superior performance. The far-reaching capability meets the sensitivity requirements of car navigation as well as other location-based applications.


  • High sensitivity GNSS
  • Capable of SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS, GAGAN, MSAS)
  • Fast TTFF at low signal level
  • Built-in Odometer less Dead Reckoning (DR) software
  • Built-in MEMS sensor (3-axis Gyroscope and 3-axis Accelerometer)
  • Up to 100Hz MEMS raw data output
  • Great anti-jamming performance (due to multi-tone active interference canceller)
  • Build-in backup battery for reserve system data and rapid satellite reacquisition
  • LED indicator for GNSS positioning status
  • Build-in magnet for mounting
  • Waterproof


  • Automotive navigation
  • Fleet management
  • UAV drone


LOCOSYS Success Stories

DR module Tokyo rigorous field test

Dark blue track: GNSS
Light blue track: UDR

Location: Tokyo,Yamate tunnel 18.6 km rigorous field test.

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