LS26030 / 31-2RE PCIe Full / Half Mini卡

Promotion Product-MC-1612-DG

Promotion Product-MC-1612-DG

LOCOSYS MC-1612-DG is a single-band multi-system with an ARM base processor. It not only supports GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, QZSS and SBAS, but also has a flash memory, TCXO, RTC crystal, LNA and SAW filter, and embedded MEMS sensors (6-axis accelerometers gyros), 1-hole pressure (option) Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) sensor, equipped with DR software. The extended Kalman filter algorithm combines GNSS and MEMS sensor data with a weighting function that relies on GNSS signal quality. With adverse GNSS conditions in urban canyons, tunnels, or parking garages where DR boosts the accuracy, and the software fills the gaps. It supports three dimensional DR, Standard NMEA output, fully supports various map mapping demand.

Promotion Product-RTK-1010

Promotion Product-RTK-1010

The RTK-1010 is a high-performance dual-band GNSS RTK module that designed for applications requiring centimeter level positioning accuracy. It adopts 12 nm process and integrate efficient power management architecture to perform low power and high sensitivity. The module supports concurrent reception of GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, GALILEO, and QZSS to improve the availability and reliability of RTK solution even in the harsh environment.


大辰科技 LS26030 / 31-2RE PCIe Full / Half Mini卡簡介

大辰科技有限股份公司是台灣一家擁有超過11年經驗的專業LS26030 / 31-2RE PCIe Full / Half Mini卡生產製造服務商. 我們成立於西元2006年, 在GPS / GNSS產業領域上, 大辰科技提供專業高品質的LS26030 / 31-2RE PCIe Full / Half Mini卡製造服務, 大辰科技 總是可以達成客戶各種品質要求

LS26030 / 31-2RE PCIe Full / Half Mini卡


LOCOSYS LS26030-2RE和LS26031-2RE 為併入PCIe Full-Mini卡或PCIe Half-Mini卡的GPS模組。
LOCOSYS LS26030-2RE和LS26031-2RE 為併入PCIe Full-Mini卡或PCIe Half-Mini卡的GPS模組。

LOCOSYS LS26030-2RE和LS26031-2RE是併入到PCIe Full-Mini卡或PCIe Half-Mini卡中的GPS模組。 這些GPS模組由聯發科技提供 MT3337E ROM芯片,它可以為您提供卓越的靈敏度和性能,即使在都市峽谷和茂密的樹葉環境中。

該模組支援自我生成軌道預測,EASYTM,實現更快的冷啟動和溫暖開始。 EASYTM不需要網絡協助和主機CPU的干預。預測是有效的最多3天,GPS模組上電和衛星不時自動更新可用。


  • USB介面。
  • 聯發科高感度解決方案。
  • 支援66通道GPS。
  • 低功耗。
  • 在低信號電平下快速TTFF。
  • 內置12個多音頻主動干擾消除器。
  • 高達10 Hz更新速率。
  • ± 11ns高精度時間脈衝 (1PPS)。
  • 支援日本QZSS。
  • 支援1PPS與NMEA輸出同步。
  • 支援自我生成軌道預測,實現更快的冷啟動。
  • 室內和室外多路徑檢測和補償。
  • 內置SAW濾波器和芯片嵌入式LNA。
  • 內置微型電池,可預留系統數據,實現快速衛星採集。


  • 衛星系統:GPS + QZSS
  • 介面:USB
  • 輸入電壓 (Input Vol):3.0V - 3.6V
  • 功號 (mA):35mA
  • 備用電池功耗 (uA):6uA
  • 溫度 (°C):-40 ~ 85
  • 尺寸 (mm):PCIe Full / Half Mini Card


  • GPS功能筆電。
  • GPS功能IPC。
  • M2M。


GPS + GLONASS (Flash) LS2603x-G Customization Acceptable
GPS + BeiDou (Flash) LS2603x-B -
GPS (Flash) LS2603x LS2602x-2E
GPS (ROM) LS2603x-2RE LS2602x-2R

* All models are pin to pin compatible.