/ 大辰科技有限公司成立於2005年,我們提供全球導航衛星系統(GNSS),無線通信,嵌入式系統,航空電子,汽車和消 費電子等硬體和軟體的服務範圍。


Advances in global navigation satellite system (GNSS) technology have resulted in smaller and more accurate GNSS receivers, which have become increasingly suitable for calculating instantaneous performance parameters during sports competitions, for example by providing the difference in time between athletes at any location along a course.

LOCOSYS GNSS module and mouse receiver for racing tracker can provide the high accuracy position performance. Through those information let the athletes be better.

LOCOSYS GPS Racing real case

Racing car featuring the most advanced electronics, the car features a full range of interrelated technologies that allow riders to enjoy the most complete performance, being more comfortable, easier to maneuver, and easier to use than ever before.  CASE STUDY: Kit17 racing car.

 The GPS-enabled communications control unit enables drivers to capture ride data and download them to smartphones and tablet applications over Wi-Fi. Once the data is downloaded, the rider can analyze directly on the GPS trajectory.

We at Ka-RaceIng annually build three racecars: one with a combustion engine, one with electric motors and a driverless vehicle, which is also based on an electric drivetrain. The ability to accurately locate our cars using a satellite based navigation system is important to us for two main reasons:

• First, our electric car relies on a complex control model that regulates its four motors in such a way, that the vehicle can achieve maximum performance in terms of acceleration, handling and agility in every situation. To be able to do so, it requires precise knowledge of its velocity and slip angle. Information about both can be extracted from the GNSS data.

• The second reason is, that GNSS allows us to correlate specific events during testing and driver training to a position on the race-track. For example, this is extremely helpful for linking errors to their cause, but most important it allows us to analyze the driving style of our drivers. This way, we can provide the drivers with detailed feedback and suggestions for improving their performance. Personalized training like that greatly helps us to improve our results in races.
The Locosys LS23032 GNSS-Mouse serves our purposes perfectly. It comes in a small, yet waterproof package, which makes it convenient to use in lightweight outdoor applications.
Furthermore, it can receive data from various satellite systems (GPS, GLONASS), enabling our cars to drive anywhere in the world with excellent satellite coverage. Additionally, the LS23032 works out of the box without any configuration necessary, but at the same time provides the option to customize its functionality to suit almost any application.

The images on the left-hand side show the KIT17c, which is our car with combustion engine.
On the right-hand side, the electric KIT17e (top) and the driverless KIT17d (bottom) are depicted. All three cars are fitted with an LS23032 on the headrest.
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  • LS2303x-2RE Series GPS 接收器 - LS2303x-2RE系列產為GPS接收器 (亦稱為GPS Mouse) ,使用LOCOSYS GPS模組 MC-1513-2R並結合聯發科晶片,為技術發展成熟的GPS接收器。
    LS2303x-2RE Series GPS 接收器

    LS2303x-2RE系列產品是基於使用聯發科技芯片解決方案的LOCOSYS GPS模組MC-1513-2R中所發現的成熟技術的完整GPS接收器 (也稱為GPS鼠標)。

  • LS2303x Series GPS 接收器 - LS2303x-G GPS MOUSE
    LS2303x Series GPS 接收器

    LS2303x系列產品是完整的GPS接收器(也稱為GPS Mouse),基於使用MediaTek芯片解決方案的LOCOSYS 66通道GPS SMD型接收器MC-1513中的成熟技術。 GPS Mouse將同時採集多達66顆衛星,同時提供快速的首次定時修復,一秒鐘的導航更新和低功耗。即使在城市峽谷和茂密的樹葉環境中,它也能為您提供卓越的靈敏度和性能。其廣泛的功能滿足汽車導航以及其他基於位置的應用的靈敏度要求。 這些產品支持混合星曆預測,以實現更快的冷啟動。一種是自生成的星曆預測,不需要網絡輔助和主機CPU的干預。這有效期最長為3天,並且GPS模塊開啟且衛星可用時會不時自動更新。另一種是服務器生成的星曆預測,它來自互聯網服務器。有效期最長為14天。兩種星曆預測都存儲在板載閃存中,並且執行冷啟動時間少於15秒。

  • LS2303X-G Series GNSS 接收器 - 基於使用聯發科技解決方案的LOCOSYS GNSS模組MC-1513-G中已證實的技術,LS2303x-G系列產品是完整的GNSS接收器 (也稱為GNSS鼠標)。
    LS2303X-G Series GNSS 接收器

    基於使用聯發科技解決方案的LOCOSYS GNSS模組MC-1513-G中已證實的技術,LS2303x-G系列產品是完整的GNSS接收器 (也稱為GNSS鼠標)。 GNSS鼠標一次可以獲取大量衛星,同時提供快速的即時優先,一秒導航更新和低功耗。 即使在都市峽谷和茂密的樹葉環境中,它也能為您提供卓越的靈敏度和性能。其深遠的能力滿足汽車導航以及其他基於位置的應用的敏感度要求。

  • LS2309X-G Series GNSS 接收器 - LS2309x-G系列產品為根基於GPS純熟技術的完善GPS和GLONASS接收器。
    LS2309X-G Series GNSS 接收器

    LS2309x-G系列產品是基於成熟技術的完整GPS和GLONASS接收機。鼠標一次可以跟踪多達32顆衛星,同時提供快速的即時優先,一秒導航更新和低功耗。 即使在都市峽谷和茂密的樹葉環境中,它也能為您提供卓越的靈敏度和性能。其深遠的能力滿足汽車導航以及其他基於位置的應用的敏感度要求。