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•GW-31 GPS Watch
•Genie GT-31/BGT-31
•BH-100 Driving recorder(Discontinued)
•OEM GPS Locator(Discontinued)

Genie GT-31/BGT-31


The Genie GT-31 is a wonderfully compact, business card sized navigator, carefully designed to embody ergonomic principles. It will comfortably fit in the palm of your hand, mount on the handlebar of bike or motorcycle, and can even be worn on your arm. The stylish unit can stand on your desk as a funky gadget, or, more usefully, can be placed on the dashboard in your car.

The Genie GT-31 can run for up to 46 hours in power saving mode with the built-in lithium-ion polymer rechargeable battery. It can be recharged while connected to car cigarette lighter, mains power outlet, or your PC/Notebook.

A state-of-the-art Thumb Stick allows for simple one-handed operation. This rugged navigator is waterproof to IPX7 standards, i.e. immersible in the water for 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter, and, it floats!

Genie GT-31 is not only developed to handle outdoor activities, but also to handle various professional uses, such as speed, hazard area, zone alerts, altitude, or other alerts defined by the user. To store trip data for longer journeys, there is a SD/MMC slot for extra data storage capacity. And, it can be used as a Real-Time GPS Receiver by connecting to your PC/Notebook. An optional Bluetooth version, named BGT-31 can be used with Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone or PDA phone.

The Genie GT-31 is a fantastic, multi-functional GPS handheld device.
Due to its flexible design,  this device can be used as:
- a GPS handheld navigator  or
- a GPS USB receiver or
- a GPS Bluetooth receiver(BGT-31) or
- a GPS data logger with dual storage (SD memory card + flash memory)

As the successor of the Navi GT-11, the Genie GT-31 is not only designed to be fully compatible with GT-11 but also enhanced in its GPS performance. Those GT-11 users can operate this unit and enjoy its high performance without studying the manual again. What makes this new GPS handheld unique is that it equips with dual storage,SD and flash memory for data log. When SD card is used, you only need to insert the SD card in your card reader to get the logged data, much quicker than downloading through cables.
Attention: GT-31/BGT-31 unit MUST be used in a waterproof housing or bag when used in watersports. The device itself is waterproof but it will not withstand the use of in extreme sports. IPX7 is tested in the still water for 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter.

GT-31 provides power of 2.8VDC.  

The following cards have been tested to work with GT-31:
     SanDisk 2GB
     Transcend 1GB
     Kingston 2GB
     PNY 2GB
     Apacer 2GB 60X     

Compatible/Suggested SD card to go with Locosys GT-31/BGT-31 or SD cards (<=2GB) with 2.8VDC(3.3VDC~2.7VDC) power input should work.

The  major features include:
  • SiRF Star III low power chip
  • Up to 41 hours (backlit off) continuous / 62 hours (backlit off) low power mode operation time
  • Built in 16+ languages
  • 1000 waypoints, 20 routes and 1 track
  • Built in flash memory to store 16,000 GPS data
  • Support SD/MMC card to store GPS data
  • 10-seconds average speed display
  • Support Doppler speed
  • Google Earth KML/GPX format support
  • Water proof and floatable
  • Bluetooth SPP (BGT-31 only)

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Worldwide Distributors - Last Update: 2011/04/27


GT-31 Specifications
BGT-31 Specifications
GT-31/BGT-31 Quick Start Guide-En
GT-31/BGT-31 Quick Start Guide-繁中
GT-31/BGT-31 Quick Start Guide-简中
GT-31/BGT-31 Quick Start Guide-Japan
GT-31/BGT-31 Owner's Manual-En
GT-31/BGT-31 Owner's Manual-繁中
GT-31 USB Driver Only for Microsoft Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/Win7
GT-31 USB Driver for Mac
GT-31 USB Driver for Linux
GT-31/BGT-31 Utility NAViLink II
GT-31/BGT-31 DM
GT-31/BGT-31 Owner's Manual-简中
GT31 Updater_Installer
GT-31 setup guide by a windsurfer/kitesurfer Basil Cambanis
GT-31/BGT-31 Firmware V1.4B0803T ( International Version) Please read Firmware Change Notes in zip file
Plan GT-31 Route in Google Map
GT-31 setup guide (Japanese version) translated by Yoshio Akiyama.
GT-31 setup guide (Finnish version) translated by Pihla-Maria Takkunen.
GT-31/BGT-31 Owner's Manual-Franch (Provided by XXcycle)
GT-31 Firmware Release Note


Q:Q1 How do I set up TWD67/TWD97?
A:- Set [SETTINGS]/[MAP DATUM]/[LIST]/[HUTZU] for Taiwan Hu-tzu-shan datum or [NAD83A] for TWD97
- [SETTINGS]/[USER GRID], input following parameters:
Q:Q2 How do I set up Dutch RD grid?
DX: 593 meter
DY: 26 meter
DZ: 478 meter
DA: 740 meter
DF: 0.1003748
a= 6378137-(DA) = 6377397
f= 298.257224-(DF)=298.156849


-Set Grid Parameter: [SETTINGS]/[USER GRID]:

Test: WGS84 N52.15150, E6.21744 --> N+462902M E+0211821M
Q:Q3 How do I choose compatible SD cards?
A:Some brands/sizes of SD cards may not be compatible with GT31.
Before purchasing SD card, please check its specifications and make sure
that the card is specified to work with 3.0V power supply.
GT31 supplies 3.0V to SD card. Some SD cards require 3.3V and won't work.

The following cards have been tested to work with GT-31:
• SanDisk 2G (recommended)
• Transcend 1G
• Kingstone 2G
• PNY 2G
• Apacer 2G 60X

For the first time to use the SD card, please format it to FAT16 by using command [SD CARD]/[FORMAT].
Card format is also a good test for your SD card compatibility.
Q:Q4 How do I log my tracks?
A:There are three log functions to log tracks:
• -maximum 8192 points,
• -suitable for walkers, hikers or when track display is needed
• -data format: BIN
• -will show track points on display
• - maximum 20480 points,
• - suitable for short trip (within 5 hours) or when SD cards are not available
• - with [MIN SPEED] option
• - cyclic logging
• - data format: SBP

• - maximum 4 million (2GB SD card)
• - suitable for all.
• - with [MIN SPEED] option
• - data format:NMEA(for geotagging) /SBN (for windsurfing)
• - if enabled, will display card icon on status bar
Q:Q5 Does BGT-31 work with my Bluetooth mobile phone?
A:Please check the specification of your mobile phone.
Since BGT-31 provides standard Bluetooth SPP protocol,
it should works with PC/notebooks/mobile phones with Bluetooth/SPP support.
The following mobile phones have been tested (by customers) to work with BGT-31:
- Blackberry Pearl 8100 (with “Google Maps for Blackberry”, “Blackberry Maps”)
- Blackberry Pearl 8700g
- Nokia E51
Q:Q6 How do I use BGT-31 as a real-time Bluetooth GPS receiver?
Set [SETTINGS]/[BT SNIF] to OFF (or ON if power save mode is supported)
BGT-31 will send NMEA data through Bluetooth port at 115200BPS/8/n/1.
For the first time to use this function, the Bluetooth pairing is needed.
The default PIN code of BGT-31 is "0000" .
Q:Q7 How do I use GT-31 as a real-time GPS receiver?
GT-31 will send NMEA data through USB port at 38400BPS/8/n/1.
Q:Q8 How about Mac support?
A:NAVILINKII and firmware update utility only supports Windows platform.
But OSX USB driver is available in the product CD.

To get the data from the device, you can use [SAVE TO CARD] command
to save track, waypoints or logger data to SD cards.
Then use a card reader to copy data to your Mac.

GPSResults and GPSActionReplay in the product CD support Mac platform.
Or you can consider GPSBabel 1.3.6.
It supports NAVILINK protocol.
Also SBP/SBN file conversions are supported.
Q:Q9 The NAVILINKII doesn't seem to work. How do I debug the problem?
A:First please check if you have the latest NAVILINKII version.
If the problem after version update, please follow the procedure below to verify
the USB connection.
-Close all application software.
-Copy GPSFox utility from your product CD to your PC, unzip it and execute it.
-Turn on your device, make sure [SETTING][INTERFACE] set to [NMEA].
-Connect USB cable, set GPSFox baud rate to 38400. Select com port properly.
Press "connect" button.
-If the USB connection is OK, the NMEA sentences ($GPRMC...) sending from
GT-31 should be displayed in GPSFox.
-If the USB connection is failed, you may need to reinstall USB driver,
change USB port/cable or change another PC. And try again.
Q:Q10 The firmware update fails. How do I debug the problem?
A:Please follow Q8 to verify the USB connection first.
In some OS version (Vista,XP SP3), the program files folder have access restriction.
Please download the latest utility from here:
Re-install the utility by using the default folder and try again
Q:Q11 How do I geotag my photo?
A:Note to backup your pictures (.jpg file) in advance.
Please install GPSPhoto software found in the product CD.
Then import your pictures (.jpg files) and track files (.NMEA or .TXT files)
Adjust time offset if needed then start the geotagging.
The geotag procedure is quite straightforward.
Should you still have problems with that, please check the on-line help of GPSPhoto.
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