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LOCOSYS announces multi-GNSS receiver solutions supporting Beidou
Consistently pursuing being the leader in GNSS solution provider, LOCOSYS announces multi-GNSS receiver solutions supporting Beidou is ready. This series contains pure module type, PCie type, smart antenna type and G-mouse type.

Pure module options: MC-1010-B, MC-1612-B, MC-1613-B, and MC-1513-B
PCIe option: LS2603x-B (PCIe full mini card and PCIe half mini card)
Smart antenna options: LS2003x-B
G-mouse options: LS2303x-B


- Various option in dimension and antenna integration
- Sensitivity up to -165dBm
- Lowest power consumption: 23mA
- Standby power consumption: only 6uA
- Support hybrid AGPS (ephemeris prediction)
- Multi-path detection and multi-tone active interference canceller
- Operation temperature - 40℃ ~ + 85℃
- Made in Taiwan, ISO/TS 16949 certified facility

This series can discover GPS, Beidou, GLONASS, Galileo and QZSS constellations. Featuring a multi-GNSS receiver design, this series can reduce the cumulative distance and positioning error accumulated over time/multiple hops, and significantly improve navigation/positioning accuracy. Different footprints and dimensions give customers options for mobile, industrial and automotive navigation applications.

Contact LOCOSYS (info@locosystech.com) for sample and evaluation kit.

大辰科技是专业GNSS模块制造商,十多年之技术及经验的累积,已成为全球五大知名GNSS芯片原厂的合格α首级实验单位。现今车载导航系统的可靠度,主要以接收机模块性能及可靠度为主要因素,大辰科技提供前装车厂装置所需的ISO/TS 16949车规质量体系认证,进一步提升本公司产品在市场上的竞争力。目前中国北斗卫星系统共有16 颗卫星向亚太地区提供定位、导航及授时等多项服务,位置精度可达到平面 10 米和高度 10 米,测速精度达到了每秒 0.2 米,单向授时精度10 奈秒。预计在 2020 年其卫星讯号更将覆盖全球,成为最重要的卫星导航系统之一。本公司以最快速度与效率,特别推出一系列不同尺寸的 (GPS+北斗)双模模块上市,以满足各式不同客户的需求,见证这历史上伟大的一刻。

大辰科技(GPS+北斗)双模模块系列,包含 纯模块型,MINI PCI-E板卡型,Turnkey模块带天线一体型及外挂式G-Mouse型。

一. 纯模块系列:包括 MC-1010-B (10x10尺寸),MC-1108-B (11x8尺寸),MC-1513-B(15x13尺寸),MC-1612-B(16x12尺寸),MC-1613-B(16x13尺寸) ,MC-1722-B(17x22尺寸)共五款推出.
二. MINI PCI-E板卡系列:包括 LS2603x-B (MINI PCI-E全卡半卡) 共两款
三. Turnkey 模块带天线一体型:包括 LS2003C-B,LS2003D-B ,LS2003E-B 共三款.
四. 外挂式 G-mouse系列:LS2303x-B

以上全线接收机产品皆可同时支持接收 美国GPS、中国北斗、俄罗斯GLONASS、欧盟Galileo及日本QZSS等全球五国卫星导航系统的信号,藉由多系统的相互辅助,能大幅提升导航定位的精度和可靠性,避免误差随时间推移及航程增加而累积。大辰模块还具备优越的讯号撷取 (Acquisition) 及跟踪 (Tracking) 灵敏度,有效改善导航系统讯号受到环境遮挡的问题,无论是在建筑密集的城市里、隧道、或是在多楼层停车场中,都能为客户带来更精确迅速的导航定位。而大辰科技所推出的模块 Turnkey带天线一体型属于高整合度、低外部组件成本 (BOM cost) 及超小布局 (layout) 面积的特性,连同天线的匹配和电源管理皆已一并整合完成,大大可缩短客户开发时辰。此外,加上各款尺寸模块 PIN TO PIN完全兼容特性,于同一块主板上即可完成不同系统的接收器设计,适用于各类行动手持装置、特定行业和车载应用上,让客户的产品能面向国际市场各式需求。

此外我们有不同的接脚和尺寸模块可供各类手持装置,工业应用和汽车导航应用客户选择,直接在您的原机上就可以立即升级成为支持北斗衛星之產品。如果贵司需要样品以及评测板,请联系大辰科技 或洽 正规指定代理商询问。
"A famous Korean car manufacturer" adopts LOCOSYS CSR GPS module for before market model.
" A famous Korean car manufacturer ", decided to adopt LOCOSYS CSR solution for a luxury sport-utility vehicle (SUV). Their great choice on LOCOSYS is a very positive recognition. This product is used for “before market” and that is passed strict requirements.

CSR module feature includes

- SiRF Star IV high sensitivity solution
- Support 48-channel GPS
- Fast TTFF at low signal level
- Built-in active jammer remover to track up to 8 CW jammers
- Support Trickle Power Mode, Push To Fix Mode and Micro Power Mode
- Capable of SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS)
- Support Japan QZSS
- Free CGEE technology to get faster location fix (optional)
- Built-in LNA (on chip) and SAW filter
- SMD type with stamp hole; RoHS compliant

LOCOSYS has been dedicated in GPS/GNSS modules/solutions for decades, pursuing excellence and outstanding is our commitment to customers.

Contact LOCOSYS for your application! info@locosystech.com
Dear customers,
In October of 2012, several cartons of LOCOSYS GPS modules were stolen and weren't recovered until today. We highly recommend customers wanting to purchase LOCOSYS products please contact LOCOSYS (info@locosystech.com) directly or an official LOCOSYS distributor/agent in your area to avoid the possibility of purchasing stolen goods.

LOCOSYS has announced several new GNSS solutions in various form factors.
LOCOSYS, a dedicated GNSS market player has announced new solutions which support GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, QZSS and SBAS in single compact GNSS modules.

The series includes the MC-1513-G (15x13x2.2mm), MC-1612-G (16x12.2x2.2) and MC-1613-G (15.9x13.1x2.2mm). These solutions use latest and most advanced chipset from MTK, MT3333, providing excellent optimization in performance.

GNSS has become a standard request from customers as they benefit from the advantages it provides such as faster cold start times and more precise accuracy enhancing their applications.

These modules support hybrid ephemeris prediction to achieve a faster cold start. The first is self-generated ephemeris prediction (EASY) that has no need of network assistance or the host CPU's intervention. This is valid for up to 3 days and updates automatically from time to time when the GNSS module is powered on and satellites are available. The second is server-generated ephemeris prediction (EPO) that is updated from an internet server and is valid for up to 14 days. Both ephemeris predictions are stored in the on-board flash memory and together can perform a cold start time in less than 15 seconds.

For customers who are using previous modules, upgrading requires only a simple drop-in replace to get GNSS features in a snap!

Engineer samples are available now.

sales: info@locosystech.com


SMD & Connector type GNSS smart antennas now available!
The LS2003C(SMD)&LS2003D(Connector) GPS smart antennas with embedded MTK chipsets provide solid options for various market needs. The ROM base version is practical for a price sensitive market, the flash base version for those who need more options than the ROM base versions and GNSS version for keeping up with the trend! All versions share the same foot print, and their simple design keep things simple. We also have PCIe versions for industrial and car PC applications.

EOL Notice for CSR(SiRF) 7990 chipset based products
LOCOSYS Technology Inc. is planning to phase out some products (listed below) because the CSR(SiRF) chipset 7990 is planned for EOL. They will be phased out according to the following schedule.

1.Customer feedback will be accepted until 2013/1/31
2.Purchase orders will be accepted until 2013/1/31
3.Last shipment date of products will be 2014/2/28

The models scheduled to be phased out include: SC-1513, CMS-1613, LS20020-23, LS2002L, LS20026-28, LS20126, LS20128 & LS23020-26.

Customer feedback is highly appreciated.

Please contact our sales team for reserving lots and making orders.

We apologize for any inconveniences this might have caused you.

Thank you for your cooperation.

LOCOSYS has upgraded their factory's facilities!
In order to service our customers' demand and fulfill our growth in orders, LOCOSYS has upgraded its factory's facilities. Thanks to customers from all over the world, LOCOSYS has increased its production line equipment to keep up with our customers' needs while maintaining and even exceeding our previous standards! LOCOSYS has always been committed to providing our customers with the most dependable quality products from our well-established facilities and working environment.

Keep up with LOCOSYS' micro GPS smart antenna!
The LS2022A&LS20229 series are complete stand-alone GPS smart antenna modules including embedded patch antenna and GPS receiver circuits. The module is powered by SiRF Star IV, and it can provide you with superior sensitivity and performance even in heavily built-up metropolitan areas or within a dense foliage environment.

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